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When your client wants help to manage their portfolio or has money to invest (be it a lump sum or on a regular basis), you are obligated to provide the best advice possible, and having detailed, well investigated background work is key.

Comparing options, modelling projections and choosing the most tax-efficient or profitable course of action can be time-consuming.  We can take away the background work.

We work with ISAs, General Investment Accounts and investment bonds, plus some more esoteric investments including EISs and VCTs.

Where disposing of investments gives rise to potential tax liabilities, we can calculate this for you before the investment is sold down to prevent any unexpected tax surprises for your client.

Services include

  • Product and provider research, including the tax treatment of any surrenders or in relation to a new arrangement
  • Cashflow forecasts
  • Due diligence
  • Report writing

Please note that while tax avoidance schemes are not illegal, they are being increasingly challenged by HMRC. Be assured that Haven Paraplanning will not advise on or be involved in any tax avoidance schemes, but we will help to ensure that your client makes full use of the allowances and reliefs available to them.