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Everyone wants to make sure their loved ones are provided for while minimising any tax implications. Estate planning is complex, and getting to know an individual’s financials to identify the best options takes time.

There are a range of solutions available, which include various types of trusts and the investments that can sit inside these trusts. Each option has different taxation implications, and can help with mitigating your client’s liability to Inheritance Tax (IHT).

If you have a client who has funds available from Equity Release, we can help with investing the proceeds to help provide an income (we will not get involved with the Equity Release itself but can recommend an Equity Release specialist if required).


We provide a wide range of estate planning services.  We will evaluate each case and discuss with you the requirements on an individual basis.

Please note that while tax avoidance schemes are not illegal, they are being increasingly challenged by HMRC. Be assured that Haven Paraplanning will not advise on or be involved in any tax avoidance schemes, but we will help to ensure that your client makes full use of the allowances and reliefs available to them.