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Combining pensions or moving providers requires a lot of investigation to make the right decisions, as well as significant follow-up paperwork!

Once we receive all the plan information we can determine whether it is in the client’s best interests to stay with their existing provider (for example, if there are valuable safeguarded benefits that would be lost if the pension was transferred), or to consolidate them, either with an existing plan they hold or to a completely new solution.

We understand that some advisers have their preferred fund choices, and we can work with you with regard to fund selection within these options. If you are fund agnostic we can build a portfolio for you.

We also have experience of working with defined benefit pension transfers.

Services include

  • Assessing benefits likely to be paid and options available under the existing arrangement (including any secured income or guarantees)
  • Comparing existing pension benefits with options available on the wider market
  • Product and provider research
  • Cashflow forecasts
  • Due diligence
  • Report writing

It may be that the best option for the client is to remain with their existing scheme(s); if this is the case, we will have a discussion to agree the best way forward.

Please note that we are not authorised or regulated by the FCA and all defined benefit transfer work will need to be checked and signed off by a qualified and authorised Pension Transfer Specialist before it is presented to your client.